Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wall Art of Ipoh

The street art of wall painting that brought in by a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic has become popular in Penang, it also emerges in Ipoh since few months ago. Paintings on the wall created by local artist appear at back lane of Hugh Low Street and Hume Street, the block nearby Kinta River. The paintings are mainly illustrating local culture and history, such as folk dances, tin mining, traditional games and so on.
So happen that there is an art exhibition held by art studio at the back lane and had attracted quite a number of visitors. Apart from the wall painting, the studio also present many student art works and it certainly keeps the visitors' camera busy for capturing the masterpiece. It did not stop the people from attending this exhibition despite the warm weather in this afternoon.
I believe this street art will continue to proliferate to other streets in the city. I am also hoping there will be more talented artist from either local or overseas could embellish the city by putting up more beautiful paintings which would be an add-on tourist spot and could enhance the cultural development of Ipoh.

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