Monday, August 8, 2011

Back In 19th Century

I was walking street to street in Old Town. Surrounding scenery is just so familiar. But if I was not glancing at this narrow alley, the side wall of this building wouldn't catch my eyes. It's front has been modified like any other ordinary modern building. But its side face seems untouched; the metal shade & the wooden window are believed to be still the original one. When I looked up, I found an amazing thing, it is the Chinese characters engraved on the top floor still remain. Immediately it reminds me about an old photo of Ipoh Leech Street, in which the characters seen at top left are what I see now. It suddenly makes me feel like back in 19th century.....

1 comment:

  1. It's amazing to see an original piece of architecture still standing in a laneway that's been long forgotten. What is even more amazing is having someone so dedicated like you hunting for our values in history. Good work!!
    Besides, you may not notice, the silver articulation of You Jen Sin facade is also a treasure of another era - early 80s I suppose. I like the green sign in the laneway too:)
    Ian Lai


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