Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Town Viewed From Maybank Building

This is the first time I come to Maybank Building's multi storey car park to view the Old Town. Looking towards south, Kinta Heights is the most eye catching structure among other low rise buildings. Anyway, it would be sad to see there are many empty slots because of old building demolition. There are also many rebuilt structures among the old one creating inharmony appearance in Old Town.


  1. there is one 1 question playing in my mind from a long time ago~ is Kinta Heights still the highest building in Ipoh ??

  2. Not anymore. Suppose MH Tower at Bercham N-S Expressway exit is the highest now. It's a 21-storey tower. But if talk about city center, Tower Regency Hotel & Kinta Riverfront (under construction) should be the lead.


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