Friday, June 25, 2010

Time Machine, Panglima Lane

It has been well known throughout the country that Panglima Lane is one of the most attractive civilian heritage properties in Ipoh. The lane is so narrow but the occupancy is better maintained compared to other streets in Old Town, and even New Town. People are still living in most of the shophouses & we can see daily living activities is going on. Many units are still maintained as residential at both downstairs & upstairs, unlike other shophouses in the city, ground floor is only for commercial. We will see the living history with our own eyes here & to experience the lifestyle that closest to the past in this city. Nevertheless, there are already few units disappeared, left only ruins. The state government is planning to spend MYR450,000 to maintain & beautify Panglima Lane making it a more attractive tourism spot. However, I hope there won't be over-decorating that creates a modern-&-heritage contradicting product which will totally spoil this time machine. In fact I am worrying because previous cases of heritage site restoration project has come to disaster where the building becomes a "Frankenstein".

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