Sunday, December 13, 2009

Working Under the Sun

There are two workers putting on the bricks for a pedestrian walkway in front of the Methodist Girl School, one of the well-known secondary school in Ipoh. It's a hot and burning atmosphere under the afternoon sun. In order to earn for living, many have to suffer physical stress like this.

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  1. Anderson & other all-boys school boys used to fancy the girls from MGS. They were more beautiful, up to date and flirty compared to the ones from other schools...and they know how to play "jinak merpati" hehehe ;P Many are daughters of govt servants living in Greentown public servant's bungalows. Yes, Greentown used to be very green, peaceful and a classy housing area, indeed. That's why I always pine for something similar to the old days. Modernise if you must but always maintain the cool, green, classy ambience, please... :/



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