Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looking into Past

When walking in this kind of old shop corridor, it always makes me imagining how it looked like 50~60 years ago. This walkway was busy with shops open for business. There are tailors, coffee shops, retailers, barbers, etc. Families staying at first floor had their kids paying along the corridor and people walking around looking for goods they need to buy. There could be some trishaws on the road waiting for passengers. Today, the corridor become quiet; families have moved to new residential areas, many shops are closed, heavy traffic on the road with engine roars loudly, people not walking on the corridor but just park the car, drop by for their business and leave.


  1. I wish this kind of shop houses can be preserved as many as possible.

  2. Hey there, i'm from ipoh as well, now doing my final year in Architecture USM. Learnt to appreciate these buildings through my experiences in Georgetown. With a group of friends trying to make Heritage an "in" thing for young people nowadays. Do check out our blog
    i wrote some blogs on heritage in the outskirts of ipoh. Check it out and feel free to comment k.

  3. Ipoh needs professionals like u to preserve and promote it's heritage buildings. Although there are not as many as Georgetown but i wish we still can maintain all that we have around us. I was also graduated from USM and was dreaming to be an architect but somehow i couldn't make it :-)


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