Saturday, May 30, 2009

Panglima Kinta Mosque

At one end of Hume Street (Jalan Mesjid) that close to the Kinta River bank, stood an old mosque, Panglima Kinta Mosque. This was owned by a local general during the early age of township establishment. The mosque is not easily found from main streets in New Town because it is located at a quite isolated end of Hume Street. This historical mosque is well preserved & displaying typical 19th century local Islamic architecture. Due to the isolated location, the surrounding does not changed much and I feel like walking in the past. I will, for sure, capture more images at Hume Street to share in the future.


  1. The mosque is a beautiful building.

  2. excellent photo and composition. I am signing up as a follower to see more great photos from your area.

  3. Hi Julie, thanks for your support. I will share more nice photos in the future :-)

  4. Yes. Unlike the newly built mosques, this one displays the classical beauty.


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