Saturday, March 14, 2009


The rear portion of Ipoh Town Hall building was used by the tourism information center. After it moved to new building many years ago, this portion has been abandoned with no occupant even though the front portion (Town Hall) still well-maintained. Recently restoration work is being carried out for the abandon part. Although I have no idea who is the new owner, but I am happy to see this where the beautiful heritage building will gain its new life soon.


  1. I am also always pleased when a beautiful old building is preserved and restored.

  2. Hope the preservation is not only limited to landmark buildings but also those that creates history to the city.

  3. actully, this building is under conservation.
    maybe after this, in this building have a gallery of LAT and RAJAMUDA PERAK.

    i hear , town hall have a underground tunnel straight away to railway station,court house and,
    st michel church.

    maybe it is true.
    maybe not.


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